If you are using a GitHub Actions workflow to deploy to Vercel with your own .yml files, check out our Quickstart - GitHub Actions guide instead.

CI/CD pipeline integration

We currently do not have a native Vercel integration. If you are using Vercel for your CI, you should be able to use Octomind when following the steps below. If you have any difficulties with it, please, let us know on our Discord.

Vercel flow

Octomind Vercel flow

1. Create an API key

The option to create your API key can be found within the settings menu.

Settings menu button

Settings menu button

Click on Create an API key.

Create API key link on octomind landing page

Create an API key button

You then will be navigated to our auth provider where you can create a new org-level API key.

Create API key screen

Create an API key

Copy the API key

Copy the API key

You can only copy the API key once, so make sure to do that now. You should not share it with anyone.

Add the API key to your CI provider as a secret to run test reports from the CI.

2. Copy your test target ID

You can get your test target ID from the octomind landing page once signed-in. If you are greeted with the 'Setup your autonomous end-to-end tests' message, please sign-in first

The option to copy your test target ID can be found within the settings menu.

Settings menu button

Settings menu button

Click on the copy test target id.

Copy test target ID button on the landing page

Copy test target ID

3. Include the GitHub Action

Include the following GitHub Action into your CI/CD build pipeline on deployment_status changes:

on: deployment_status

  group: ${{ github.workflow }}-${{ github.ref }}
  cancel-in-progress: true

    if: ${{ github.event.deployment_status.state  == 'success' }}
    name: 🚀🐙 trigger octomind e2e tests 🚀🐙
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: OctoMind-dev/automagically-action-execute@v2
          testTargetId: "<yourTestTargetId>"
          url: ${{ github.event.deployment_status.target_url }}
          token: ${{ secrets.OCTOMIND_TOKEN }}

The test report link will be added to the workflow summary of the action, see Example PR action summary