• We merged and simplified test case view. Bye bye, way too many tabs.
    merged test case view

    merged test case view, screenshot 06/2024


  • shadow DOM and iFrames - the AI agent can handle most shadow DOMs and iFrames now


  • We mark broken locators now. A yellow highlight and an indicator will point to the locator that doesn’t do the thing it’s supposed to.
    pinpointing broken locators

    screen recording of a broken locator being pinpointed, 06/2024


  • We removed automatically generated link tests. We generated too many link tests on dynamic elements that broke constantly. We will come back with a better solution.


  • We add dependencies automatically now. We now add a cookie banner test as dependency automatically. We will be adding more common dependencies in the future.
  • less obstructive test editing - interaction and assertion types can be switched now


  • AI discovery: Instead of just giving you proposals for test cases, we now generate steps and validate the proposed test cases automatically. Tests we feel confident about are published to your test suite automatically.


  • improved AI discovery - delivers more functional and less reachability-focused tests. The AI agent will also suggest less functionally similar tests.


  • most of LangChain has been removed from our stack. Learn why we no longer use it to build our AI agents.
  • we support nested iFrames in snapshots now
  • steps editing - we added drag and drop for changing order
  • AI agent can handle elements with never ending animations and invisible input forms now, like password fields, checkboxes or radio boxes


  • reduced test flakiness through improved timeout logic.


  • streaming AI Agent indicators: At any given moment, you’ll know what the agent is doing during discovery or when it’s running in drafts. No more staring at a spinning circle ⭕️ wondering when it will finish.
  • improved UX for step deletion
  • improved world model of the AI agent: its ability to understand context and derive the correct actions


  • hotkeys added for editing test steps help you navigate between steps using arrow keys
  • test case grouping: We will group your test cases. We started with the “link tests” category and will add more soon.
  • status icons for test cases and step results
  • AI agent can handle SVG elements like images and icons now
  • duplicate navigation fixed: We reduced the frequency in which agents get stuck in loops.


  • AI agent: We are extracting all accessibility attributes to improve its performance.


  • AI agent: vision added to current agent state


  • in-app & email notifications: we will let you know in the app once your test run has finished or our AI agent completed its discovery. We will ONLY send you an email if your test report is red 🔴
  • scheduling test reports: We are now enabling you run your test reports on a fixed schedule (daily/ weekly/ bi-weekly). There’s even email notifications now for when your scheduled run failed so you never miss a beat bug.
    scheduling of test reports

    screen recording 04/2024


  • snapshots for picking locators: Not familiar with selectors and DOM elements? We got you covered! Test case steps now allow you to select elements in your page visually, both for interacting with them and asserting that they are there.

    picking elements inside of page snapshots

    screen recording 04/2024

  • reworked publish workflow: whenever you save a draft of a test case, you get the option to publish it to include it in future test report runs


  • expandable step editing: the panel for editing test case steps now expands and gives you more space to make changes to your test cases


  • improved stability: made sure our app is running smoothly without hick-ups even with multiple test report running in parallel. Now our agent and test execution are serverless.
  • discover test cases: our AI Agent will analyse your webpage and suggest multiple prompts
new discovery feature

screenshot 02/2024

  • approval workflow: once our AI Agent has finished the discovery, you have an option to approve or discard the provided suggestions. Discarding will delete the draft, while approval will start our AI Agent with the corresponding prompt
new discovery feature

screenshot 02/2024


  • test report generation speed up : we are now running published test cases within a report in parallel
  • auto fix: you can now select which test cases our AI Agent should try to auto fix once they fail
auto fix feature

screenshot 02/2024

  • save button for test case draft overhaul:

    we replaced the save rail with multiple buttons that were hidden in a separate screen. Now we have 3 separate buttons

    1. save button: to save changes made
    2. run button: to run the selected test case
    3. publish button

    The run button is also visible on published test cases

    save rail overhaul

    screenshot 02/2024


  • Add a new project to your organization added for more flexibility of managing your account
Create new project

Create new project button, screenshot 02/2024


  • Manual test creation: We have added a low-code option to generate new tests if AI generation struggles. With increasing performance, our AI agent will do more and more of the heavy lifting. In the meantime, you can easily create a specific test case with a few clicks & adding selectors.


  • Get rid off the test that doesn’t spark joy. You can hard delete drafts now.


  • Onboarding: We want to give our users a smooth beginner experience. That is why we added an onboarding tour and helpful tooltips to make your journey of discovering all Octomind features a breeze.


  • We have streamlived cookie consent management throughout all our subdomains. A cookie consent banner displays when coming to our sites for the first time. Is it annoying? It is. Is it necessary? It is.


  • Test draft validation: now, you can validate test draft before publishing telling you if the test works properly
Validated test draft

Validated test draft, screenshot 01/2024


  • You can add new steps to draft test cases now
  • Element highlighter: Element that was interacted with is highlighted by a purple dot in test step screenshots
element highlighter in test steps screenshot

Element that was interacted with is highlighted by a purple dot, screenshot 01/2024


  • Fixed: Sometimes some of our test runs got stuck, we improved this and no stuck tests should occur anymore.
  • Selector editing: You can now edit Playwright selectors used to find the element in question for a step


  • Delete steps option in a test case draft added
  • Idle AI agent: our agent will let you know if it’s idle and waiting for more input


  • You can edit test cases, now. Mark steps as optional, so their failure is ignored. Adjust text parameters for steps entering text or selecting a menu item. You can create test case drafts and publish them.
test cases can be created as drafts and edited

Test cases can be created as drafts and edited, screenshot 12/2023


  • We’ve added better desciptions to test steps our AI agent generated
  • AI agent informs users about test case discoveries in progress
AI agent informs about its progress

AI agent informs about its progress, screenshot 11/2023


  • What's new modal notification after log-in added
New features modal

New features modal after log-in, screenshot 11/2023


  • Debugtopus dialog: The execution url is pre-filled by default, no need to copy paste
  • Test hosting: Run all test cases from the tool OR your terminal
  • Human feedback added to the AI agent by relaunching the test case discovery based on user comments
Relaunch AI discovery based on comments

Relaunch AI discovery based on your comments, screenshot 11/2023


  • In-context screenshots of executed steps visibile directly in test report details
  • Screenshot carousel added to review executed test steps, screenshot by screenshot
In-app screenshot carousel in test report detail

In-app screenshot carousel in test report detail, screenshot 11/2023


  • AI discovery improved: AI agent sees all elements on the page to generate better assertions


  • CI integrations: Previous comments with test results are collapsed by default, click to expand
Previous comments in PR are collapsed

Previous comments in PR are collapsed, screenshot 11/2023


  • Chain test cases functionality for new AI agent discoveries added to UI
  • AI Agent: improved handling of blocking overlays
  • UI: improved UX when switching between test targets and organizations
  • UI: progress bar for running test reports in project overview
Test case chaining for AI test discovery

Test case chaining for AI test case discovery, screenshot 10/2023


  • Major AI agent revamp:
    • Improved page content understanding
    • Fused element representation by forms
    • Analytics added to embedding generation
  • Welcome modal for new users


  • Instroduction of stable IDs for an improved AI discovery
  • Choose your first tests selection at set-up added
  • Improved manual triggering of test reports
Choose your first test option at the set-up of Octomind

Choose your first tests option at set-up, screenshot 10/2023


  • AI Agent and initial test generation upgrade - improved element visibility


  • Improved UX of the overview page and test report order at set-up


  • Tooltips added to improve app onboarding experience
  • Test cases can be deleted now
  • Restart test report functionality added
  • New feedback option added: Thumbs up/down of your onboarding experience
onboarding thumbs up/down feedback modal

Onboarding feedback thumbs up/down, screenshot 10/2023


UI Improvements:

  • Improve layout of overview grid and test report header on mobile



  • Display error log for failed tests in the test result detail

UI Improvements:

  • Responsiveness on mobile for snackbars
  • Remove UI flashing on initial load



  • You can now manually create a test case from a failed discovery. This is useful when the discovery failed, but the generated steps are still useful. An example would be when the agent can not verify the success of the task, but it actually succeeded. This is only available for new discoveries.
  • Add modal allowing the user to give feedback to octomind

UI Improvements:

  • Settings dialog looks better on mobile
  • Recording upload is more intuitive



  • Test case discoveries now have traces, so you can see what the agent did in the playwright trace viewer

UI Improvements:

  • Planned steps within a test case are now expandable
  • Introduce larger settings modal


  • Workaround for browser extensions that modify the html document and cause issues when displaying our page


  • Follow links test case on initial set-up added
  • Sidebar navigation added
new sidebar navigation in the octomind app

Sidebar navigation added to the UI, screenshot 09/2023


  • New test case on sign-up added: Change language of the website
  • AI discovered test cases will now have an assertion generated (if possible)


  • Alpha release - Test recorder as a non-AI option to generate new test cases
  • Security update
  • AI agent upgrade - supported interactions, input error correction and analytics expanded
  • Give feedback functionality added - schedule a feedback session with us directly from the app
scheduling feedback session directly from the app

Scheduling feedback sessions directly from the app, screenshot 08/2023


  • Welcome page mobile view improved
  • Test recorder supports iframes now
  • Error states for failed discoveries streamlined
  • Alpha release - free prompting interface for test case discovery:
free prompting window for test case discovery

Free promting window for test case discovery, screenshot 08/2023


  • Captain Ink (AI agent) upgrade - page injection replaced navigating to a page for more stability and speed
  • We introduced a basic test case available for everyone
  • New welcome screen UX:
Example of an Octomind app welcome page

Example of the new Octomind app welcome screen, screenshot 08/2023


  • Interactible DIVs are correctly detected during discovery
  • Display test failure reasons in test overview


  • Bug fix - errored display for empty list of test reports
  • Cookie tracking removed from the app. We did’t like them anyways.
  • Test database introduced - collection of test cases displayed on the app welcome page:
test database example

Example test cases displayed within a test database, screenshot 08/2023